I love to play, more precisely I love this wonderful job ACTING……NOT to play theatre not even in real life  but to play in a TV serial or in a movie…..effectively I like it an it is fun……it is a new sensation …..the connection with video camera may be even a presentation of a reality show but more than this, I would love to play in television serials and movies. There are moments in our life we wish to live them again…or scenes…..there are jobs we would like to practice but this is not possible in a whole life ….but wit video camera…I mean with this wonderful job acting you can be anything and you can forward thoughts , ideas, moments…….which normally in a real life you couldn’t or you wouldn’t have time enough to do them or to live them. When I think of acting I know that I could be anything, anywhere and anytime just to have this chance….to play. I remember that magnificent city…..Los Angeles…..there you can be anyone you want to. It is wonderful that city, it is different, it is mysterious, but not to deviate from the topic, as an actor you may live the roll, I mean to suffer, to feel it every time and at each rehearsal. If you want to transmit feelings role is necessary to know it and to try to live yourself analogous feelings. But an actor should not be only to live inwardly but to embody ones lived. …and video camera helps you to expose and to remain those moments.

Movies - Soap Operas
Shows as guest
Tv Show Modern culture 02.2008
Tv Show Night of errors

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