“I’d rather regret doing something then regret I didn’t do it and wondering always how would be my life if……
Decisions we took are the mirror of our life.
Happiness or unhappiness of the people is JUST their work.
As Aristotel told us” the happiness of someone depends just itself”…
The decisions, the character and not the last, the habit and the indolence of people with a weak character make their permanent unhappiness.
Each one is the maker of its own destiny.
Truth is a flame so bright that many people cannot suffer their light. Some close their eyes not to see it; others run not to be burned…
To forgive is to offer the other the opportunity to mistake one more time.
It is better to love and to loose instead of not loving at all.
A real friend is not the one who dry your tears but that one who prevent weeping.
If I’d know that this is the last time when I see you walking out the door, I would give you a hug, a kiss and I would call you back to give you more……”



1993 - 1997 C. Diaconovici Loga high school - Timisoara
1998 - 2002 University of Economics - Vest University Timisoara
2001 - 2002 Fourth year I studied in Italy - Trento with a Socrates/ Erasmus
2003 - 2004 MBA Master in Business Administration - New York City - NYIT
New York Institute of Tehnology
2003 - 2004 I collaborated with two modelling agencies in New York
2003 - English course in New York at ALCC 
( American Language Communication Center )
2004 - 2006 Marriage with Ion Timofte
2004 - 2006 Master in Timisoara in Financial Administration of Businesses
2005 - 2008 Acting and Film University , I studied acting with Mr. Eusebiu 
Stefanescu and Mrs. Rodica Mandache, first generation with 3 years of study.

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